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How to write in matrimonial ad format

By Gauri Agarwal Sep 26, 2017

Marriage is one of the most auspicious and finest moments of everybody's life. People say marriages are made in heaven. But they have to be arranged by our concern people around us. In Ancient times savant played a vital role in this process.


Why to advertise in Newspaper while there are free online sources available?

By Gauri Agarwal Jan 20, 2017

Find out the valid reasons to publish an advertisement in Newspaper while there is availability of so many free online resources.


How to book name change ad in Newspaper for passport and other purpose online

By Gauri Agarwal Oct 22, 2016

Any application for a name change is only accepted after 30 days of having a name change ad printed in a newspaper. Now, getting an advert in a popular newspaper, even in classifieds sections, can be a challenge considering the volume of advertisements that are sent in each day.


How to give an advertisement for Missing Documents in Newspaper?

By Gauri Agarwal Oct 22, 2016

Realizing to miss some important documents can be a scariest dream of opened eyes for anyone. Important documents can be any essential valuable papers that can land you in a big financial, legal or social trouble. Missing of original passing mark sheets, property deeds, driving license, business agreement, passport etc. can be consider as important documents.


How to book a Newspaper advertisement for Tolet/For Rent?

By Gauri Agarwal Oct 22, 2016

To find a suitable tenant for your property is nowadays a big problem. Now with increasing population and competitive property rates, it’s getting harder to find a suitable tenant. One can use a better way to get a suitable tenant and rates for his property. Instead of putting tolet board on your house, it is always a better way to advertise in any newspaper that has a better circulation in that area.


How to Give Advertisement in Newspaper for Recruitment?

By Gauri Agarwal Jul 21, 2016

Very informal approach is being practiced for recruitment in Indian market. But there is a small segment which approaches the formal structured process for recruitment. A larger percent of formal recruitment process is mainly followed by urban sector. Even there are many online job portals are available, but print media still holds a better reach to the local lay man.


How to Advertise For Lost Certificates in News Paper

By Gauri Agarwal Jul 21, 2016

It can be a nightmare for someone to lose their important documents that can be mark sheets, payment check, property deeds etc., as it can lead to misuse of original documents or financial loses. In these kinds of situations one should be aware about what to do and how get the new one.


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